Service Parts Logistics is easy with software that covers all the bases.



Locations, locations, locations… Having so many stocking locations in the network has made parts fulfillment requests a question of how many minutes, not how many miles.


Picking & Packing

Radio-Frequency Identification allows technicians to pinpoint parts from a mobile device, select the nearest warehouse, and pick & pack with total accuracy -- practically in real-time.



With storage facilities dotting the landscape and replacement parts systematized and always at the ready, delivery is a breeze, even after hours, on weekends, or on holidays.



Our software-enabled, self-service model automates all aspects of SPL, and the data analytics functions allow for 100% parts availability, reduced costs, and customer centricity.

Mission-Critical Inventory at your Fingertips

Janus’s abundant small-scale stocking locations save on labor and real-estate costs versus traditional Forward Stocking Locations, and ensure that your inventory is highly available, on shorter delivery routes, at significantly less expense to your organization.

Integrated Support for Superior Service

Janus Logistics Technologies’ cloud-based, high-performance software solution ensures everyone involved in the SPL supply chain is connected. Procurement personnel and support teams, technicians and dispatchers, all in harmony, with total visibility, completing next-level cycle times.