Janus was born from a real world need to enhance Service Parts Logistics (SPL).

We’ve become the preeminent SPL solution.

Janus’s innovative software platform redefines SPL and provides businesses across industries with a distinct competitive advantage. It enables speedier, better coordinated, less expensive delivery of their service repair parts to market.

We’ve moved SPL into the future, leaving the old-school way of deploying inventory in the past. No more big-city mega-warehouses and antiquated tracking systems; our model is hi-tech, on-demand, and provides simplicity, accuracy, and total visibility.

Our Vision

Companies providing service parts replacement in a B2B format need storage and delivery services that work fast. Janus has conceived of a platform that streamlines the planning, infrastructure, technology, and execution of inventory deployment to make the SPL cycle work smoothly for a technician fleet of any size.

Our Mission

Janus Logistics Technologies understands the critical elements of any service parts operation, and our mission is to move SPL into realms of efficiency previously unknown. Tight integration of your service parts warehousing, transport, replacement, and repair means your customers can count on recovery times measured in minutes, not hours.

The Process

Cloud-based software reduces labor dependency and your SPL cycle times.

Success Measured in Minutes not Miles