Janus was born from a real world need to enhance supply chain management.

We’ve become the preeminent planning and distribution solution.

Janus’s innovative software and services redefine supply chain and provide businesses across industries with a distinct competitive advantage. It enables speedier, better coordinated, more agile, and lower cost execution of distributed supply chains.

We’ve moved the digital supply chain into the future, leaving the old-school way of deploying inventory in the past. No more big-city mega-warehouses and antiquated tracking systems; our model is hi-tech, on-demand, and provides simplicity, accuracy, and total visibility.

Our Vision

Supply chains are the worst digital function within a company. Janus aims to enable businesses to digitize their supply chains using advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, asset digitization, and deep supply chain experience. Janus is focused on the supply chain vertical including planning, tracking, and execution of the end-to-end supply chain.

Brian brings 20+ years as an accomplished supply chain and executive leader in aerospace, high tech, and healthcare. He has focused most of his career on service business and service parts logistics (SPL). In 2012, Brian led a project that automated a $3B supply chain. This was his first experience with digitization - he has had a passion ever since. Janus is the expression of all those years of pain and suffering without a truly innovative solution to digitize, enable growth, reduce cost, and facilitate advanced analytics.

Jason is a military veteran and a consummate technologist. Jason brings 15+ years of innovation, entrepreneurialism, and hard core execution to the Janus team. From home automation to healthcare digital records, Jason has a solution for just about everything and has developed killer products for Janus. Jason also manages the Janus warehouse and production facility in Phoenix.

Success Measured in Minutes not Miles