Tight control of your service parts network on a platform that is truly customer-centric.

Enhanced Productivity

Speedy delivery means nothing without accuracy, and the Janus Logistics Technologies solution ensures both. You’ll be onsite quickly, with the right parts, so the job is done right the first time.

Reduced Downtime

Thanks to Janus’s software-enabled self-service model, prompt parts replacement is improved so your clients are up and running well within SLAs.

Customer Centricity

Janus’s Service Parts Logistics model is flexible in choosing locations and scalable for any business which allows you to design your infrastructure around your clients. This strengthens your customer focus while improving cost and service levels.

Better End-to-End Economics

The improved efficiencies Janus Logistics Technologies affords you in the areas of SPL planning, execution, infrastructure, and technology give you an opportunity to improve profitability and offer savings to your clients while delivering high levels of service.


  • 20%-40% reduction in operating costs.
  • >90% reduction in inventory shrinkage.
  • 5%-10% improved labor productivity.
  • 0%-15% reduction in inventory burden.


  • ~560 bps better in local availability.
  • 100% inventory accuracy.
  • Zero dependency on user transactions.
  • Full transparency and reporting


  • Integration with Janus forecasting and inventory planning.
  • Enabler to RPA and blockchain.

Success Measured in Minutes not Miles